Microsoft accepts Opera Mobile Store as default for Nokia phones

Microsoft and Opera have signed a contract, which will make the Opera Mobile Store the default app store for Nokia feature phones, those running Symbian as well as Nokia X devices. The change will happen in the beginning of 2015 and people who are still using Series 40, Series 60, Symbian, Asha and Nokia X devices will be redirected from the Nokia Store to the Opera Mobile Store.

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According to Microsoft, the change enables millions of people using classic Nokia phones to continue having a “trusted source for apps, games and content.”

Because the process includes changing the default app store of so many users, both companies estimate the change will take place over the good part of the first half of 2015. Then, the Nokia Store will close its doors.

We continue to sell and support classic Nokia devices, which remain popular in many parts of the world,

said Rich Bernardo, Vice President, Phones, Microsoft.

We’re delighted to partner with Opera Software and continue to provide a reliable app store experience for consumers and developers alike.

Once the transition ends, the Opera Mobile Store will become the third largest app store in terms of downloads. Currently, the store boasts close to 300,000 apps and games with support for more than 7,500 devices ranging from feature phones to smartphones. 40,000 developers from around the world have contributed to the store’s range of app offerings.

Article by GSMArena


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